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Seeing so many lettings on rightmove, we then decided on a property on Sasha David Estates. As we have never heard about Sasha David, we made a quick search. Yet, there was no costumer reviews about that estate agent. And I thought I should write something about it, about this ghost estate agent.
Firstly, they have no office, I mean you can find their office address (two different office address), but you can’t find the offices. I don’t know how they work.
Secondly, no matter how many times you call them, you can’t reach them directly. Their phone lines works differently. You leave the message, they give you a call when they are available.
Thirdly, they seem they understand your needs, but actually they don’t. They kinda don’t care. No, actually, they don’t listen. The staff is rude. Indeed, so rude. They don’t know how to reply the mails kindly. Their communication channel is not open.
I don’t want to write more. We got a terrible month just because of them. If you have a chance, use the other estate agents that you know more, or that you can make a search costumer reviews.

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