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  • I’m 17 weeks old pregnant now and I’m craving paella and parma ham. Gosh! Last week, I even stood in the middle of deli aisle, stared and sighed. Yeap, this was the torture that I gave myself as a present.
  • I have the best superviser ever!
  • I really need new PS filters. I checked them online and decided which ones to get.
  • Soo our landlor told that they are not happy with the baby, the apartment is not ideal for baby (actually she doesn’t want to see any pram on the corridors) simply implying to move somewhere else. But it is ok. I always wanted a house with a bigger garden where I can plant my veggies.
  •  I started to plant tomatos, sweet peppers, and strawberries.
  • Heyy look what I found, this is braille graffiti! Awesome.


  • Ahh I don’t want to go Turkey for a long time. Not Again Bolu. In fact, never ever Bolu. Fucking Bolu. Thou motha fucka.
  • Ahh those people who can make you hate cities!!!
  • Playing Forza on Xbox can sometimes make me feel dizzy.
  • As my first trimester is over, my bulimic days are almost over too. I said bulimic because whatever I eat, I throw up. Even water makes me feel sick.
  • The less water I drink, the more scretching marks my body gets. So I stored few body cream and oils.
  • The last 7 days for Tour De France.  Can’t wait.
  • We need more sunny days. C’mmon Yorkshire, thou can do diz. You did it before! See the picture below.






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