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Holophonic Sound Records


I really love listening the holophonic sound records. When searching the holophonics records I came across with sandaspa’s website. It’s an ordinary spa centre except the intro video. It gives a brief definiton about what the holophonic sound is, then wants you to use the headphones, close the eyes and then start the video. You feel as if you were in a rain forest, and all the animals are around you. Fabulous! It was so real that I opened my eyes all of a sudden when a bird hit me.

These high quality sound recordings are generally made today by using “binatural” recording techniques – a two-track recorder is connected to two microphones that are contained within a fuzzy “head”.

(pic. shows how the recordings are being made)

The dummy head contains ears, sinus cavities and other similarities to a human head. This means that the microphones “hear” and therefore record sound more realistically as seen in the picture.

Holophonic sound is best heard in headphones , not ready for our home theatre system but I know a guy working on that. He got his own handmade sound recording system specially designed for that process . He had recorded the sounds in Atatürk Airport, Turkey. When you listen the records, you can figure out the direction the plane is heading. Furthermore, you don’t need any headphones  while doing that. Which means we will have it in our home theatre system too soon. I’ll keep tabs on it. Definitely!

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