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The Biggest Localization Catalog: Lictionary.in


As a TS Design Informatics, we’ve designed the biggest localization catalog, Lictionary.in.  It contains thousands of strings and their translations for over 30 languages.

You can search strings easily using simple search in Lictionary.in home page. Just write the string -or a part of string-, choose your language and click search. That’s it!

If you want shorter result list, you can use advanced search page for exactly matched or case-sensitive results.  Moreover, you can give negative vote for the translations. We will inform translators or translation teams periodically about negative voted translations. If you want to inform translator immediately, you can contact the translator or translation team directly or may be file a bug in bug tracker of related project.

There is also a lot of options in Lictionary.in for contributors. You can be a translator, tester or editor for Lictionary.in.

Please don’t forget that Lictionary.in takes its power from free softwares. Its content consists of localization files of free softwares.

As from first week, we received kindly feedbacks and we are growing day by day.

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