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Interview Questions For Localization Engineers


Last month, i had an interview for the position in Cork, Ireland. The recruiter called me and set up a date for the interview. It would be a really exciting and challenging experience for me as it was one of the biggest and popular technology company whose logo is a fruit 😉 I made preparations and googled the interview questions for the Turkish Q.A/Localization engineer. Unfortunately, i got nothing, that’s why i decided to put the questions down for those who needs it. First, contrary to what most people say, they didn’t ask me what the l10n or  i18n is.

Here is the list of the interview questions:

  • Do you know any programing language?
  • Do you use a shell?
  • Have you ever used macos or ios? If yes, how many years?
  • Have you ever used the bug tracking system in mac, do you know how it works?
  • Have you got any localization experience in macos or ios?
  • Do you know how to change the language on ipad?
  • Do you know how to make localization in macos ?
  • Which tests do you use in l10n?
  • Tell me about your i18n and l10n experience?
  • Have you ever worked on windows system? Do you know how to localize in windows system?

[He didn’t give a ring yet 🙂 but i know he will ;)]

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